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And the winner is…. The Nissan Navara 2.3D DC LE 4×2 auto gets honoured by Auto Bakkie Race as the BEST BAKKIE 2019. Also have a look at News24’s test drive of the Navara 4×2, and attached to this bulletin, see how much the local newspaper South Coast Fever enjoyed their drive.

New Nissan Micra Mark White Nissan

Rosslyn – In just a few weeks, independent thinkers, movers and shakers are in for an unexpected surprise as Nissan reveals its latest vehicle: the all-new Nissan Micra.

Bold, unique and agile

The edgy new Micra is revolutionising the Upper B Hatchback segment with a unique blend of intuitive technology, bold design and confident, agile performance.

It’s a game-changer in this segment and you’ll be sorry you missed out if you get impatient and opt for something mundane before it’s launched in South Africa.

“Unexpect it. That’s what we’re saying about the new Micra because it’s a completely new car from the ground up.

The fifth generation of our popular hatch is aggressively planted on the road and is a departure from what you may be used to from a typical hatchback.



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